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Who We Are

Turning Interest Into Action

The Delany Foundation, named after the Patrician Brothers' founder, is a registered not-for-profit charity seeking to improve the human and spiritual condition of young people in need, especially in places of Patrician mission in developing countries.

Over 200 years ago, most Catholic children and youth had no access to school education in Ireland. Bishop Daniel Delany founded two Religious Congregations, the Brigidine Sisters (1807) and the Patrician Brothers (1808), to provide learning and general well-being for the young ones so deprived. Education remained the primary mission of the Sisters and Brothers in many countries for almost 200 years.

Recalling the hardships and deprivations of the pioneer generations of Patrician Brothers in Catholic schools in Australia before granting Government funding from the 1970s onwards, the Brothers and friends established the Delany Foundation as a legacy of Bicentenary celebrations in 2008. The Foundation's primary purpose is to lend support for Patrician-linked projects in circumstances of great need in India, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, and Ghana.

To date, the Patrician-linked schools in Sydney have been the primary source of Foundation funding. The hope is to broaden the funding base to include members of the wider Patrician family and their connections. Additionally, Patrician Brothers College Fairfield organises a Delany Foundation Golf Day in October, and a Delany Foundation Dinner fundraiser is held every second year.

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