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Successive generations of Brothers have continued this service to humanity and Church for over 200 years. As a legacy to the Bicentenary celebrations of 2008, the Patrician Brothers and friends have created a ‘Delany Foundation’ to support the work of the Brothers in places of great need. No State or Government funding is available in the following settings where the Patrician mission is offering services to the local communities through: Education, Healthcare, Pastoral Ministry and Food and Water.


Kabongo, near Eldoret in a rural setting of West Kenya. Attached to this Patrician established and sponsored school is a medical dispensary which offers a range of health care services to students and their families. A mobile clinic from the dispensary extends these services to poor families living in remote areas. A Patrician Brother oversees this project. Additionally, the school provides a substantial mid-day meal for students, mostly free of any charge. The Kabongo project receives no financial support from the Government.

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This most recent Patrician mission, Delany Academy, was founded by three Indian Patricians in 2008. The school is still in the process of establishment as the pioneer class advances and increasing numbers seek enrolment. There is a great need for help in the provision of basic learning areas as well as teaching resources Also, the Brothers are seeking help in the completion and furnishing of a suitable residence.

Papua New Guinea

Currently in Papua New Guinea there are four Patrician Brothers three of whom are indigenous. They reside in the Aitape of Laingim of the Sandaun Province, and Wewak of the East Sepik Province. The two areas of ministry are in education and parish work. Also one Brother is very much involved in vocations work and co-ordinates two “Come and See” experiences over a year. Two Brothers live in the remote village of Laingim, one as a teacher in the community (primary) school there and the other working in the local parishes.

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