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Dear Brothers,

I hope you are well.Greetings from Riruta community.The best community among the best communities. Riruta is happy for your continued support. This email is hereby to confirm that I received Bishop Delany Foundation Funding of Ksh.690,000. This was a cheque from the Regional and Br.Felim as the Regional accountant that I deposited yesterday.The cash is towards improving water situation in Riruta community. As the cheque matures,I couldn't wait to begin the work. Riruta community sends her many thanks to the Regional Superior Br.James,the Australian brothers,Bishop Delany Foundation team,and above all those who make contributions into the BDF kitty. We vehemently appreciate.

May God bless you.

Riruta Community

Marist Youth Care wishes to thank the Delany Foundation for its ongoing financial support which contributes to the funding of a Volunteers' Coordinator. This is an important role within the organisation. At present Marist Youth Care has 78 active volunteers working alongside staff in a variety of roles across the organisation. These voluntary members of staff bring with them a wide range of skills and diversity and include people from professional, trade and domestic backgrounds. Our deepest thanks to the Delany Foundation for their ongoing donation as a contribution to Marist Youth Care's work with very vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Cate Sydes Chief Executive, Marist Youth Care, Blacktown

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